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NewAge Vs Chupez (2022); Which Brand Is Better For Smart Phone Accessories?

NewAge and chupez are notable brands in Nigeria and Africa, New Age Mobile Concepts Limited is the first indigenous mobile phone accessory brand in Nigeria, Newage is a very familiar brand in Nigeria for quality smart phone accessories especially their powerbanks.

Chupez is a very familiar brand in Nigeria for quality smart phone accessories and their unique names to their products, chupez continues to blaze the trail in quality product design, packaging and product durability . The question is which brand is better for smart phone accessories in 2022?

In this article, we will be learning about the two brands, their history, product innovations and their stand in the Nigerian market, make sure you read to the end, there are lots of discount offers from Djt smart accessories for the two products, you can trust our recommendations, to a great extent, it is free from bias. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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NewAge vs Chupez – Definitions


New Age is a brand that thrives on customer satisfaction through the delivery of quality and exceptional products of a variety of Mobile Phone Accessories.  Incorporated in 2008 by Mr. Kingsley Okpala, New Age Mobile Concepts Limited is the first indigenous mobile phone accessory brand in Nigeria. Asides from being the Nigeria’s first indigenous brand, New Age is Nigeria’s No.1 Power Bank Brand. With sales operation of over 15 years in Nigeria, New Age has strong distribution in over 20 states nationwide, a complete range of premium products – Portable Power Banks, Portable Travel Chargers, Power Cords, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Earbuds, Batteries and so on.


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Chupez which started out as a passion for mobile accessories is now turned to a full fledged mobile accessories company. Chupez began in 2014 and is a major manufacturer , dealer on memory cards used in mobile devices, digital cameras, video games, mp3 players, flashdrives and much more.

Chupez also partnered with Nigerian football legend Jayjay Okocha as brand ambassador , it has helped them stamp their feet in the Nigerian smart accessories market. Chupez is generally known for quality memory cards & flash drives , they hope to continue to expand their brand across Nigeria to other parts of the world.

NewAge Vs Chupez – Differences & Similarities

Smartphone accessories brands are daily expanding their horizon because of the enormous need from Nigerians, if you are thinking of the phone accessories brand to buy from, then you should consider reading this article to the end.

NewAge and chupez have some many things in common, they are both known for quality products, slick product designs, NewAge is so detailed about their branding and packaging.

In terms of products, NewAge and Chupez  both produce powerbanks, NewAge seems to have a upperhand in quality powerbanks from analysis of customers reviews.

NewAge & Chupez both produce memory cards but chupez seems to have a upper hand from consumers review, in terms of wall chargers.

For earpiece, NewAge also has the market, they have quality earpiece, earbuds with very clean sound quality, chupez also have good earpiece which is lesser in price.

For flashdrives, chupez does it better, they are notable for quality flash drives, when it comes to cables, NewAge has a better quality.

NewAge Vs Chupez – Comparison Table

NewAge Chupez
Year Founded 2008 2013
Product Quality 80% 70%
Product Design 80% 85%
Powerbanks 80% 60%
Memory Card 60% 90%
Chargers 80% 70%
Earpiece 90% 70%
Flashdrives 60% 90%
Cables 70% 70%
Batteries 70% 70%
Earbuds 80%
Warranty 90% 60%


NewAge Vs Chupez- Which is Better?

It is always tricky giving an opinion if which product is better, for me, it boils down to your choice of product, if you are buying flash drive or memory cards, then I will recommend Chupez , If you are planning to buy a necklace Bluetooth earpiece, I would recommend NewAge.

NewAge Vs Chupez – Alternatives

There are alternatives to NewAge and chupez with quality products also, Anker is also a very good product brand, if you are really open to choices, try one of their products.


There is no doubt mobile smart accessories companies have come to stay, you will always need a charger, a Bluetooth earpiece , a  smartwatch or any other product. If you have observed for 5 years below, phones don’t come with memory cards again, they have started removing accessories as part of their responsibilities, this has opened a wide market for smart accessories companies.

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