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Consumers have found great convenience shopping online, thanks to technological advancement, you can easily shop all you need without moving a muscle. This, over the years, has contributed immensely to the explosion and popularity of e-commerce markets. E-commerce is not only ideal for large companies, but also for small companies. An example of such markets is Jumia, Jiji, Konga, Djt smart Accessories and many more. These ecommerce platforms serve as a bridge between producers and consumers, they have brought massive sales to producers in the last couple of years and met the need of consumers, especially during the lock down era of covid-19.

In this article, we will be exploring two giant ecommerce platforms in Nigeria, Jumia and Jiji, looking at their differences, similarities, business models and genuineness of products and much more. Relax and enjoy the ride!

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Jumia vs Jiji – Definitions

What is Jumia?

Jumia is a pan African technology company that is built around a marketplace, logistics service and payment service.

Jumia was founded by Jeremy hodara, sacha poignonmec alongside tuned kehinde and rapael kofi.

It was launched in Nigeria in 2012  and expanded to five (5) other African countries: Egypt, morocco, ivory coast, Kenya and south africa but are now in over 15 countries.

What is Jiji?

Jiji is an African online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

Jiji was founded in 2014 by Anton wolyanksy, jiji started as jiji blog providing visitors with information on business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle tips, life stories, news , it has grown and expanded into five (5) african countries; Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania.



Jiji Vs Jumia – Differences and Similarities

Although marketplaces and classified ads have similarities, the main differences is the way they handle transactions. Jiji as a classified marketplace does not process transaction between buyers and sellers. They only use their platform as a meeting point between the buyer and the seller, whereas Jumia operates a different business model, they process payment of the transactions through their platform, this means when you buy a product from jumia, you are not dealing  with a vendor, you are dealing with Jumia directly, they take part in the transactions , thus increasing their liability.

Jumia has not found an effective way of vetting vendors on their platform, some of their vendors are scammers, same goes with jiji, although jiji makes customers liable for their transactions, jumia on the otherhand takes up the responsibility, this has soiled the brand of jumia over the years.

Lots of customers have expressed gross displeasure at the products sold by jumia, they are either fake or substandard, in statistics, almost 4 out of  every jumia products delivered are fake or substandard , this is a real eyesore.

It has led to the emergence of ecommerce startups like Djt Smart Accessories, making trust , reliablility and what you order is what you get their priority.

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Jiji Vs Jumia – Comparison table

Characteristics Jumia Jiji
Year Founded 2012 In Lagos, Nigeria 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria
Founders Sacha, Jeremy, Kehinde, Raphael Anton Wolyansky
Alexa rank (Nigeria) 14 21
Services Marketplace, Logistics,Payment Marketplace
Delivery Yes No
Product Genuineness 40% 60%


Jumia vs Jiji  -Which Is Better ?

The question most people want an answer for is , which platform is better to shop online out of jumia and Jiji ?

There are several factors to consider before making a choice of which is better, both platforms have their strength and weaknesses, it now boils down to your specific need.

When you need an all inclusive marketplace, where you order for a product, pay and get it delivered to you in record time, you may go for Jumia because they operate a very strong logistic network, they offer free delivery for some products and very low rate for other products. On the other hand, when you buy from jiji, you have to negotiate with the seller on the delivery method.

When it comes to genuineness of product, I will recommend Jiji above jumia, my opinion is informed by customers review and personal experiences, jiji sellers tend to be more genuine, most of the sellers have their own shop or store and want to grow their business/brand, they use jiji platform to build customer loyalty .

Jiji however advises customers to take all necessary precaution to receive their products ordered. The answer to the question which platform is better depends on how much of risk you are willing to bear, and if your choice is a platform to get 100% original and quality products, you can try Djt smart accessories, they sell premium quality phone and computer accessories with a record of 100% quality, they only sell products from vetted brands. Another factor to consider as a difference between jumia and jiji is that, jiji has more range of products, you can buy cars, houses, rent apartment and have services done, which is not available  in jumia.

Jumia vs Jiji – Reviews

Trust Pilot review of Jumia- Out of 156 reviews

Jumia reviews on trust pilot

71%- Bad

13%- Excellent

This just sums up all about jumia, they don’t have the market credidibility anymore.

Jiji Reviews on site jabber

Jiji reviews on site jabbers

66.7% positive reviews

Jumia & Jiji Alternatives

Jumia and Jiji are great platforms, customers however are looking beyond a big brand when it comes to ecommerce, they are more concerned about an effective brand, a platform with integrity & product genuineness, this has given a place to startups like Djt Smart Accessories, their tagline is “premium mobile  & computer accessories .
Djt Smart Accessories banner

In my opinion, if you are looking for a perfect alternative to Jumia and Jiji, then Djt Smart Accessories is a platform to checkout, their business model is built around selling only products from vetted brands who have the market credibility , they sell products from brands like Oraimo, Apple, Chupez, new age, hp and much more.

Check them out today, you will thank me later.


Jumia has grown over the years to become a big marketplace in Nigeria and Africa, likewise Jiji is one of the most visited site in Nigeria, your choice between Jumia and Jiji depends on how much risk you are willing to take, we cannot shy away from the fact that it is not totally the fault of Jumia or Jiji, but since Jumia is liable as a brand to the transactions that go on in their platform, they should have stronger measures of vetting the vendors on their platform, it shouldn’t be all about making money, it should rather be a people first approach.

Thanks for your time!


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