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oraimo products

Fake Vs Original ; How To Know Original Oraimo Product(2022)

oraimo products

Oraimo is a technology based smart accessory company, it has grown to be a reputable brand , it is not unusual to have many dubious people producing fake oraimo products, before you throw your accussing finger at Oraimo for low product quality, check if your oraimo product is fake or real. In this article , you will learn how to spot a fake Oraimo product and how to protect yourself from fraudsters.

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Oraimo began with a group of people in 2013 who believed in the spirit of exploring, it was an idea to do something different, something that can change people’s life  so they can explore the wonderful world. Oraimo has since gone to become one of the biggest brands in Nigeria. They have crossed over 100 million sales milestone establishing themselves as a landmark.

They captured the heart of millions of smartphone users with the quality products, unique packaging and branding. Oraimo has a partnership with Nigeria music star 2face Idibia, who helped them reinforce their position in the Nigerian market.

Range of Products

Oraimo has a wide range of product which includes the following

  • Power accessories ( such as Powerbanks , chargers, USB Cables, Phone batteries, dry batteries, power strips)
  • Audio accessories (headphones, earpiece, earbuds)
  • Wearable accessories ( fitbands, watches)
  • Memory accessories ( Tf cards and flash drives)
  • In car accessories ( Chargers, Car mounts)

Where to Buy Original Oraimo Smart Phone Accessories?

The first step to protect yourself from fake oraimo accessories is buying from genuine stores, official Oraimo e-shop, accredited Oraimo distributors, this is one reason you must consider buying from Djt Smart Accessories, they sell “premium quality Phone and Computer accessories”, their business model is built around customers trust and integrity, you pay on delivery.

Oraimo fake charger vs original charger

Check for 2face Idibia Image and Product Signature.

All Oraimo products in Nigeria carry the 2baba photo and signature on the back of the pack, inspect it before making the buying decision.

How to spot original Oraimo product


Confirm the Verification Number

Oraimo places a 16 – digit code on the back of all their smart phone accessories, you can scratch of the seal, enter the 16 digit code on the authentication page on oraimo’s website, it will determine if what you bought is fake or Original.

Oraimo product authentication ( djt Smart Accessories)

Check for Warranty

Oraimo smart accessories come with warranty between 6 months to 12 months depending on the product, if the product doesn’t carry the warranty, you should know that it is fake.


Oraimo is a force to reckon with when it comes to smart phone accessories, if you need to purchase an oraimo product, then go for Original, Djt smart accessories is a genuine smartphone accessories online store in Nigeria , everything you buy from them is original.


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