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Fake Vs Original ; How To Know Original Chupez Product


Chupez is a very familiar brand in Nigeria for quality smart phone accessories and their unique names to their products, chupez continues to blaze the trail in quality product design, packaging and product durability . it is not unusual to have many dubious people producing fake Chupez products, before you throw your accusing finger at Chupez for low product quality, check if your Chupez product is fake or real. In this article , you will learn how to spot a fake Chupez product and how to protect yourself from fraudsters.

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Chupez which started out as a passion for mobile accessories is now turned to a full fledged mobile accessories company. Chupez began in 2014 and is a major manufacturer , dealer on memory cards used in mobile devices, digital cameras, video games, mp3 players, flashdrives and much more.

Range of Products

Chupez has a wide range of product which includes the following

  • Power Banks
  • Memory Cards
  • Chargers
  • Earpiece
  • Flash Drives
  • Cables
  • Batteries

Where to Buy Original Chupez Smart Phone Accessories?

The first step to protect yourself from fake Chupez accessories is buying from genuine stores, official Chupez e-shop, accredited Chupez distributors, this is one reason you must consider buying from Djt Smart Accessories, they sell “premium quality Phone and Computer accessories”, their business model is built around customers trust and integrity, you pay on delivery.

Confirm the Verification Number

Go to the authentication page on Chupez’s website, Scan the QRCODE on the product, it will determine if what you bought is fake or Original.


Chupez is a force to reckon with when it comes to smart phone accessories, if you need to purchase an Chupez product, then go for Original, Djt smart accessories is a genuine smartphone accessories online store in Nigeria , everything you buy from them is original.

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