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Buy 9ja Alternative: The benefit of choosing DJT Smart Accessories


If you are looking for a Buy 9ja alternative for mobile accessories & Computer accessories shopping, DJT Smart accessories has you covered. We are an incredible platform powered by consumer’s trust & loyalty, our unique solution to mobile phones & computer accessories shopping is “word of mouth” technology , we believe if a platform is credible and solves people’s need , it will always be the talk of town.

Djt smart accessories is unlike any other ecommerce shopping platform in Nigeria. Let’s explore why!


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Buy is a Nigerian e-commerce  marketplace with various  product categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, computers & accessories, phones and tablets and much more.

There are lots of  customers looking for a buy 9ja alternative, an ecommerce platform that sells genuine products and is true to what they offer.

How Djt Smart Accessories Compares to Buy 9ja in a nutshell

Djt Smart Accessories is a consumer friendly and trusted marketplace built to regain the integrity of people in ecommerce shopping in Nigeria. Djt utmost concern is Original, premium quality , products, although Djt smart accessories does not sell all ecommerce products like jumia , Jiji,  Konga they have a business model built on selling products from vetted brands, “ premium quality phone & computer accessories”.

While buy 9ja is concerned about having thousands of products and lots  of vendors, the problem with that is lack of quality control over what vendors sell, a lot of their vendors sell substandard products.

Djt Smart Accessories banner


What you see is what you get

If you are looking for a platform that sells quality products, original products and what we actually call “premium quality phone & computer accessories”, DJT Smart accessories is where to go.

You can be assured that what you order is what you get. Buy 9ja is an ecommerce  marketplace, a lot of scammers hide under the canopy of buy9ja to perpetrate their evil acts. I had a testimony of someone that bought smartwatch from buy9ja and the watch was not near anything called smart.

Fine,  Buy 9ja is doing everything within its power to curb the activities of these guys but they also rely on customers using their native intelligence to avoid being scammed. You don’t have to go through all that, you need a platform where you can purchase your phone and computer accessories without being fishy or smelling rats all the time.

Many are looking for an alternative platform that can give them what they see, if that is your search right now, then DJT Smart Accessories is a perfect alternative.

Safe & Secure

Djt Smart Accessories is a safe and secure platform to shop online for mobile phone accessories and computer accessories. Our business model is built around trust, we offer a pay on delivery service, that means you don’t have to be afraid of exposing your card details online or even the fear of getting substandard products delivered to you, since you can see before you pay.

Products have Warranty

All products sold on Djt Smart Accessories carry a warranty as given by the brands, for example, new age products come with 18 months warranty, Oraimo comes with specific warranties for different products.

Djt Smart Accessories will ensure products sold through our platform enjoy the warranty as given by the manufacturer with the conditions attached to it.

All products sold on Djt Smart Accessories are sold brand new, we don’t sell refurbished, repackaged products, our products have the brand seal on it. When you shop on Djt Smart Accessories, you have the confidence you are buying a genuine product as packaged by the brand with full warranty attached.


Free Delivery

Djt Smart Accessories offer free delivery on specific products above 20,000 Naira, and total products worth above 20,000 naira, we bear the cost of delivery.
djt delivery

24/7 Support

At Djt Smart Accessories, we treat every customer as priority, our support  team is always on ground to answer all of your questions.

djt smart accessories contact us

What more! Our support is available 24hours a day, all year round including holidays and weekends.

Brand Reviews

Djt Smart Accessories is not only concerned with you buying products from our platform, we are very concerned about the brands you buy from and your user experience with their products.

We always give our customers the opportunity to review the brands and their products, you can post a review even from your account dashboard, rate the brands and their products, thereby educating potential buyers who are afterall “ no one knows a product like the consumers”.

Product Guide

We guide all our potential and established customers in making informed buying decisions . How much do you really know about the product? We have regular blog posts and product updates to keep you informed.

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Feature Comparison Overview

We want to take a moment to look at some of the biggest differences and similarities between Djt Smart Accessories and Buy 9ja


DJT Smart Accessories Buy 9ja
Price Cheaper More Expensive
Sellers No Yes
Product Quality 100% 50%
Free Delivery Above ₦20,000 Not Specific
Startup Yes Yes
Payment Method Pay on Delivery Not Specific
Promo/ Discount Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Return Policy 7 days 7 days



Promos & Discounts

Buy 9ja does not give promos. Djt smart accessories also give sizeable amount of discounts  offers & promos, you can learn more about our special deals & discount offers.


Affiliate Program

Djt Smart Accessories is constantly exceeding our customers expectation. Our satisfied customers are eager to spread the word about our products, this has made us one of the fastest growing ecommerce platform in Nigeria.

We are very proud to offer a true profit sharing through our affiliate program , we give one of the highest in the ecommerce industry. You earn 10% on every product sold through your referrals , this is a big opportunity for passive income!


Switch to Djt Smart Accessories

Djt Smart Accessories is one of the fastest growing technology startup in Nigeria, we believe in quality & excellence, we don’t approach a thing without releasing a touch of excellence. We are dynamic , constantly evolving and adapting to leverage the most innovative solutions available.

We know what you need, “ premium quality phone accessories and computer accessories “, we are here for you.

If you are looking for an alternative to buy 9ja, Djt Smart Accessories has got you covered, we are confident in our solutions and we want you  to truly enjoy the benefit of your money.

If you are ready to make us your official ecommerce platform for phone & computer accessories, shop with us today!


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